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Jake Hardman

Chux Time and Jake Hardman Visit

Chux Time
In October of 2016 we have two amazing guest piercers who will be filling in for Ed and Andru while they are away on much-deserved vacations. First, we are very excited to welcome Chux Time back to Infinite. Chux (Oscar Martinez) will be piercing from October 5 to October 25. Chux is a long-time friend of Ed’s, and through his several visits to Infinite he has become a welcome addition to our regular cast of guest piercers.

Chux started piercing when he was sixteen years-old while living on the South Side of Chicago alongside his best friend Juan Felix. While piercing the neighborhood kids—mostly young and Latino, who only knew gangs and the streets—Chux and Juan Felix aspired to think and live differently. Since then, Chux has acquired fourteen years of piercing experience, honing his skills in various Chicago-area studios before settling in at Topnotch Tattoo in Elgin, Illinois (made famous by Inkmaster Cleen Rock One). Chux recently left that studio and has been focusing on traveling a guest spots, and we’re happy to be able to have him for two weeks here in Philly.

Jake Hardman Piercer

Next, Jake Hardman will be joining us at Infinite from October 28 through November 17. Jake is the owner of Drift Piercing Studios in Eustis, Florida. By way of introduction, Jake writes, “I am basically a muppet that came to life. Born and raised in Florida, I started my piercing career in 2009 and haven’t looked back. Piercing has taken me all over the country, from Portland, Oregon to Grand Rapids, Michigan and back to Florida, where I now own my own studio called Drift.  I spend most of my time outdoors swimming in springs with local wildlife or at the beach. I take full advantage of living where many vacation.” This is Jake’s first time guesting here at Infinite, so please stop by and help us welcome him to Philly!

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