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Welcome Derek, Zack, and Brooke

Welcome Derek, Zack, and Brooke

We are excited to welcome Derek, Zack and Brooke to Infinite Body Piercing for guest spots this February and March of 2019.

Derek Holman guest piercer

The first to visit is Derek Holman, who will be piercing at Infinite February 14 to March 2.

Derek was born and raised in the Appalachian Mountains in southern Virginia. He has seven years of professional piercing experience: he spent three years at Black Hole Body Piercing in Reno, Nevada, and has done guest spots at studios all over, including Koi Piercing Studio, HTC Body Piercing, Dorje Adornments, Mint Piercing Studio, and Gamma Piercing. He also loves traveling, the outdoors, and riding motorcycles, and you can find him on Instagram at @appalachianson.

Zack Weiss guest piercerFollowing Derek's visit is Zack Weiss from Oregon. Zack will be with us March 6 to 18. We'll let him introduce himself:

"Well, hello, everybody. I'm Zack. It's a pleasure to meet you.

I'm a native-born Oregonian. I hug trees, live on a farm, and wear flannels, beanies, and boots year round. I talk to too many strangers, won’t go anywhere without my camera bag, and drink coffee until I fall asleep. My favorite places to be are mildly lost in the woods, hanging out next to a fire, or sleeping in the bed of my truck. I started working for High Priestess Piercing and Tattoo in 2010, and after a few years of counter and apprenticing I started piercing full time in 2013. I spent the last 8 years meandering around Oregon working for all of their studios. Though I have moved on, I am currently working for the beautiful people at Robot Piercing and Tattoo in the one-of-a-kind Portland, Oregon. I’ve done my best to avoid living in Portland up until recently. I figured it was the last frontier unexplored in Oregon and I needed to see what it was all about. This place is beautiful. I really couldn’t be happier. I'm so excited to come out to Philadelphia! I am looking forward to seeing which coast I like more (Oregon is just really rainy), and who has the better burritos."

Brooke Bittens guest piercer

Finishing out our month-long stint of guest piercers is Brooke Bittens. Brooke has visited us before and we are looking forward to welcoming her back. She has been piercing for over eight years—and loving it—and has been a member of the APP for almost as long. Since Brooke's last visit to Philly she has taken up the nomadic life, and is currently traveling all over the country doing guest spots at some of her favorite shops (like us!) as well as places she's never been before. She just embarked on her adventure and, in her words, is "really really really really excited about it."

Brooke will be here for just one week next month, from March 10 to 15. While she's here, be sure to ask her about her new knuckle tattoos that spell out "INFINITE"—she claims it's not related to us but we're not buying it. ;)

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