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Chiapas Amber Plugs from Abaraka

by Abaraka
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Also called Mexican amber, Chiapas amber is from Mexico's southernmost state, of the same name. The amber for these plugs is fossilized resin from the now extinct Hymenaea mexicana legume tree, and is approximately 24 million years old. Although the resin once flowed beneath the tree bark, mending wounds caused by breaks and pests, it hardened overtime— trapping organic materials inside and producing varied inclusions visible in every one-of-a-kind double-flared plug.

Hand-carved, so each pair is unique. Wearable surface varies between approximately 5/16” and ⅜” per pair.

Unlike other organic materials, amber is quite soft and can scratch easily, and is susceptible to heat. Be careful wearing amber on extremely hot days—and never leave real amber plugs on a windowsill or in a car.

Sold as a pair.

Size: 11/16" (17.5mm)
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